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Who's Arizona Wholesalers Inc and why would you buy from me ?
My name is Sam Mostofo , Iím 60 years old, married with 5 beautiful children , Iíve been in the car business since 1980 , I'm Licensed and Bonded , with over 30 years of experience. I understand your concerns and will do everything necessary to put your mind at ease . Let me address some of the possible concerns people might have .
1- Warranty - I only offer the highest quality conversions. All new units have full GMC factory warranty , that's in addition to  Majestic's three year /36,000 mile warranty , and we offer extended warranties if you wish, used units also come with powertrain warranty for 12 months on most of them and you may obtain a longer more extensive warranty up to 3 years .
2- Reputation -  in over 30 years of business , I've worked very hard to maintain a clean reputation , I'm a member with the Better Business Bureau , and you can check for your self , Arizona Wholesalers Inc has a very clean record without any complaints.
3- Top Quality - Majestic Conversion simply means Top Quality , we don't bad mouth our competition , they make a nice product , but Majestic makes a Top Quality Product , Majestic uses high quality carpet and seats , wood is mainly used instead of plastic , take as an example the door assist handles , our competitors use plastic handles - if you pull it just a little hard its coming out in your hand , Majestic uses wood assist handles built like a rock , that's one example of Top Quality . Simply put a Mercedes Benz is not like a Hyundai even if a Hyundai is priced higher. If somebody claims otherwise please send me their email and I will prove them wrong !!

4- Top Design  - Majestic Conversion simply means Top Design , for example Majestic installs the DVD or Blu Ray Players in the front overhead compartment , the competition installs their DVD Player in the floor console  between the two front seats with cup holder right on top of it , what happens when you spill your drinks , an electric short is what happens, this is only one example . If somebody claims otherwise please send me their email and I will prove them wrong !!

5- Best Price Guarantee - Majestic Conversion is a company that does not believe in fancy showrooms or fancy advertising , thereby saving a lot of money and passing on the savings to you . If you find a van with the same quality and options for less money , we will sell you ours for $1,000 less guaranteed. If somebody claims otherwise please send me their email and I will prove them wrong !!

6- Method of Payment - When you buy a van on the internet , you need to be careful , you need to deal with a licensed , bonded dealer with a good reputation and years of experience , but even after that you still need to be more careful , ask to see the actual title for the van before paying for it , a dealer that has the title in hand is usually liquid and strong financially , please be careful there's a lot of crooks out there, I will fax you a copy of the actual title , you will notice that its titled in the name of Arizona Wholesalers Inc , paid for without any liens . I will do one more thing that will put your mind at ease when paying for your van , I will send you a receipt for your money before you pay me , once you get your receipt then you may pay for your van. The best method of payment is by bank wire transfer , this way your funds clear the bank immediately and I can ship your van quickly . Other methods of payment are to send a cashiers check which will clear the bank usually within 4 days , or a personal check which could take up to 15 days to clear.
7- How does the process work - Most of the vans I sell are new , so there's no worry as to the condition , once we agree on which van you want to buy , I will fax or email you a purchase order and a factory MSRP , the purchase order will reflect a receipt for your funds before you pay anything. Once I receive your funds and they clear my bank (if its a wire transfer then its immediate , if its a cashiers check then after 4 days) ,  I will FedEx to you (next day delivery) your title to the van and a notarized original purchase order, and immediately start working on shipping your van to your front door.
8- Shipping your van - its hassle free to you , I will make all the arrangements to ship your van , it will be shipped on a transport truck with a reputable insured and bonded transporter . I will email you all the details , the name of the shipping company , their license number , name and phone number of the driver , and the estimate date and time of delivery. I will email you daily updates on the shipping status until you receive your van. You only pay what the shipping company charges , nothing is added for my assistance . You pay the shipping charges at time of delivery , after you've inspected the van, received all accessories , and is satisfied of the condition . Feel free to call me for a quote .
9- Condition Report - before the van is picked up by the driver , both me and the driver perform a thorough inspection of your van and sign off that its in great condition . The report will also serve as a receipt for all accessories included , such as remotes , headphones , etc . A copy of this report signed by the driver will be immediately emailed to you.
10- Daily Update  - I will stay on top of things , you will receive a daily status report.
11- I'm available for questions - You may call me 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm with any questions.
12- Airport Pickup - We're located within 10 minutes from main airport in phoenix, if you prefer to personally pick up your van , then I will personally meet you at the local airport (Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport ) and bring you to our location.
13- Assistance and Demonstration - I will personally demonstrate and explain to you in length how all the options work , even if that takes hours , I promise you I will personally give you all the attention you need .
14-Instructions Summary - You will be provided with an instructions summary by email that summarizes most important functions of the van , until you have the time to read your manuals.
If there's anything else I can say or do to make you feel more at ease , please let me know.
 Call me directly at 480-205-0409
I don't want to bore you with lengthy emails that I receive , and don't want you to even think of the possibility of made up emails , so here are actual verifiable feedback I received , posted by clients after they paid for and received their vans , I had no control whatsoever over what they post , and I challenge anybody to find any negative remarks about me anywhere.
These feedback comments are shown exactly as posted .
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