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In February 2015, we acquired a 2014 GMC Savanah conversion van from Sam Mostofo of the Arizona Wholesalers, Inc. At the time there was only one similar van amongst all car dealers in the Kansas City metro area. We found nine conversion vans on Sam’s floor while we were vacationing in Phoenix. We quickly settled on a deal because of Sam’s fair pricing and trade-in valuation. We encountered wintry conditions on our drive back to KC and were thankful for the all-wheel drive and other features of the GMC Savanah. That trip would have been much more arduous in our van we traded for the Savanah. Sam promptly followed through with all post-sale promised actions. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this purchase came to pass and the quality of the vehicle we now own.
From Bill Boyd - Overland Park, KS - Bought a New 2014 GMC AWD Presidential
Good morning Sam, just a short note to let you know, I did receive the documents this morning just as you said. I appreciate your honesty and being patient with me on this transaction. There is so much fraud in our world today that one can't be to careful when so much money is involved. I'll send you a picture of us with the van for your "Another satisfied customer" records.
From Barbara Evans- Little Rock, AR - Bought a Used 2012 Chevrolet  Handicapped Presidential with 26k Miles
Hi Sam! Yes,  I am extremely happy!  Here is a pic for you
From Angela Y. Moore - El Cajon, CA - Bought a Used 2004 Presidential Ford with 61k miles.
Good Morning Sam, Hope you are fine and dandy today! The van and UPS items arrived this morning, no problem at all. I think our neighbors were as excited as we were. All is great. In Missouri, we have to have license on front and rear of vehicles, but there are no holes or brackets on the front??? I know we have all kinds of questions but will sit down and read to figure out what we can without bothering you. You won't hear from us for awhile as we are heading out tomorrow for a 2 week camping trip with our grandchildren in our "old clunker." We will sort out questions and will probably have to call when we get home. Also, will have to check with you for a quote on CornerStone (extended warranty) and what price to offer our old van for sale. Will send pictures. Thanks for everything. You have made the entire transaction wonderful. Ruth L.
From Ruth Laurent - St. Charles, MI - Bought a New 2014 Chevrolet Exp 2500 PRESIDENTIAL
We are beside ourselves about your offer, and we appreciate you working with us more than we can express. It is appreciated more than you know. Once we get it back and can get the kids in it we’ll take some pictures and send them on to you. Thank you again for everything you have done to help us out on this. We’ll be in touch again soon, have a great day.
We've attached a couple pictures of the kids in it, not the best, couldn't get them all to look at once really but Chris will be driving it around this weekend and will try to get some better ones. The kids love it! We can't say thank you so much for all your help, we'd absolutely love to write a review and plan on posting the pics with a link to your website on facebook.
From Christina and Steve Hollis - Martinsburg, WV - Bought a Used 2005 Chevrolet Presidential with 62k Miles
I highly recommend purchasing your conversion van from Arizona Wholesalers. Sam was great to work with. He answered a ton of questions we had about conversion vans. Purchasing a vehicle online can be a very scary situation, however, Arizona Wholesalers was wonderful to work with. Once we decided to buy our conversion van the process was very simple and our van was delivered to us within 3 days. We just took our van to a ski resort in Colorado and it was awesome! We are enjoying our new conversion van! Thank you Sam!! Blessings,
From Ramico and Sue L. Blackmon- Monument, CO - Bought a New 2014 GMC 9 Passenger Presidential
Sam: Thanks for your thoughtfulness and consideration. I spoke with Mike this morning and he is just outside of Richmond, Virginia (about 2-3 hours from home). Thanks for all that you and your specialist did to make this new van “feel” like my old one.
From Dana A. Friend, - Richmond, VA - Bought a Used 2007 Ford Presidential with 33k Miles
“My first van purchase from Sam and Arizona Wholesalers was in 2008 and he told me “in a few years, when you’re ready, come back and I’ll sell you a newer van, and buy your old one from you”. My first transaction went smoothly and I put 45k flawless miles on that 2005 GMC. I reached out to Sam again about a month ago. He didn’t have the van I wanted in stock, but he asked me to be patient and, here we are now, less than a month later, and I’ve traded the old van in with Arizona Wholesalers for a 2012 GMC conversion van (exactly what we wanted) again. My wife and I just came back from our first big trip (about 1000 miles) with our four children and what a delight the trip was! Sam’s vans are always well represented and we enjoy his fair manner of business. Thank you my friend, and we look forward to seeing you again in 3 – 4 years!  Alfredo & Jennifer D. - Paradise Valley, AZ ”
 from Alfredo & Jennifer D. - Paradise Valley, AZ  - Bought a Used 2012 Chevrolet 7 PASSENGER PRESIDENTIAL with 52k Miles
Dear Sam, Thank you so much for helping us get our dream conversion van! You have delivered top quality at a great price! Plus we are happy to have made a great friend in you. Your technicians were stellar in making the vehicle exactly to our requirements. We are eternally grateful! Sam, you're the best!!!  Joseph Zajchowski, MD, JD
 Dr. Joseph Zajchowski - Phoenix , Arizona - Bought a New 2014 GMC PRESIDENTIAL 9 Passenger Van
Thank you Mr. Mostofo for being so helpful in the purchase of our 2014 GMC van. You were very patient, yet supplied all the information needed for the purchase. It took us several days to get everything together. You were there to answer every question we had involving the purchase of our van. From this Texas Lady, I say THANK YOU for all your hard work to make it possible. Could not have been it without you.  Always
 from Mary Ann Davis - George West , Texas - Bought a New 2014 GMC PRESIDENTIAL Handicapped Van

My wife and I enjoying our 2014 Van. My purchase experience was the best. I felt comfortable during and after the purchase. The shipping process was the best also. I paid, at least $ 400. less using Mr Sam choice. I saved at least $15,000. with this purchase .
 from Grady & Carolyn Goggins - Stockbridge , GA - Bought a New 2014 GMC PRESIDENTIAL
I bought a 2003 Ford conversion van from Arizona Wholesalers Inc. and had a great experience with the purchasing. The purchase went according to all that was promised. The equipment in and out the van was great and functioning properly. The follow up after purchase was great without any regret.
 from OLNEY A JAMES- NEW YORK, NY - Bought a Used 2003 FORD 7 PASSENGER PRESIDENTIAL with 87k Miles
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