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Here are some of the actual verifiable feedback/comments I received , posted by clients after they paid for and received their vans , I had no control whatsoever over what they post , and I challenge anybody to find any negative remarks about me anywhere. These comments are just samples of many we receive and are shown exactly as posted or received .
I have purchased many vehicles (including 2 vans) over my lifetime and I will have to say this has been the most pleasant experience of them all. Surprising since it was not handled face to face. Given all the nonsense that goes on in the world now it is very gratifying to know that a personís word is still worth something. I am not a native Mississippian and have worked in several states and still have friends in each of them. I cannot guarantee a referral to your company but I can assure you that I will promote you any way that I can. Thanks for the pleasant business experience and I hope that you and your family have a very good year.
From J.W. Stewart - Magee, MS - Bought a Used 2004 Ford Presidential with 55k Miles
My family would like to express our sincere thanks to Sam Mostofo at Arizona Wholesalers for all the help he gave us just recently when we purchased a 2003 Dodge handicap van for our son from him. Sam was always so friendly and helpful when we had a question, the experience was like dealing with someone local even though he was several states away.We appreciate his kindness. We love the van. It was everything he said it would be. We believe he is a man who can be trusted and that's very important when it comes to buying a used vehicle, especially buying one sight unseen.
 From Jewel and Anthony Brooks- Royal, AR - Bought a Used 2003 Dodge  Handicapped Presidential with 42k Miles
We had the pleasure of spending a day at Arizona Wholesalers with Sam and his sons and purchased a 9 pass gmc van. The entire experience was outstanding and we received first class treatment and service the entire time! They exceeded all our expectations in every respect. We highly recommend Arizona Wholesalers to anyone looking for a very professional, friendly, and low - stress buying experience! Thank you from a grateful military family. From So Cal . SEMPER  FI
 From Lt. Colonel  Andrew J. Nelson, US Marines -CA- Bought a Used 2004 Presidential GMC with 79k miles.
Follow Up-  Adventure awaits!!!!!!!!  Loving it!!!  Thank you!
Meredith, Andy & crew
Sam, The van arrived yesterday afternoon in good shape. She goes to the car wash tomorrow . I am learning quickly how everything operates - the lift and doors are smooth and quiet. I'm hoping grease will fix the sound/operation of the drivers seat when it is moved all the way forward. Lots of manuals and remotes to read through. Do you have one for the Amura lighting system? I'm guessing B is for Brightness but the other two have me stumped. You were right about the hand controls - they were done right and work very nicely. Thank you, Diane
 From Diane M. Pleines , Clayton - NC , Bought a Used 2012 Ford  Mobility Presidential Conversion with 18k Miles
On our way to NC. Kids love it , Deb Javoroski
Although I was a bit wary at first, I decided that the trust was a two way street and, I can absolutely say without a doubt, your honesty and openness in the purchase was five star! Our deal for me to transport a vehicle for you went off without a hitch and you were true to your word. You went out of your way to ensure my purchase of the vehicle was above and beyond our expectations. I picked up my vehicle after hours (your crew was very patient with me) and drove for the next two days to my destination. I certainly appreciate your checking on my progress periodically. I consider you a man of your word and then some. I had the best car buying experience of my life, and I have bought many vehicles. Thanks Sam.
 From William A. Cassity, Jr. - Springfield, VA - Bought for his daughter ( Deb Javoroski ) a Used 2003 Ford PRESIDENTIAL with 87k Miles
Thanks! We are on an extended vacation enjoying our travels in our new van from Arizona Wholesalers. This is our 3rd conversion van, however, I must say that ordering, purchasing and door to door delivering of this van was outstandingly easy, reliable and fast. If there is another van in our future, we are now believers and customers. Thanks Sam Mostofo for a great deal!
 From Calvin Ross -Tallahassee , Florida - Bought a New 2014 GMC 9 Passenger Presidential
I remember telling my wife, "Honey? We need a van!" That started my online journey which eventually lead me to Mr. Sam Mostofo and his business, Arizona Wholesalers. I was interested in two vans he had parked inside an air-conditioned warehouse. One was a Ford, the other a GMC. I was blown away at both of the vans, they were incredibly clean and modern. I settled on the older van, a 2003 GMC Savana with 93,000 miles knowing the brand's history for reliability and toughness. Upon purchasing the van from Sam, I took it in to my mechanic to go through it. Sam's price was so fair from the beginning, I didn't feel like I even needed to sweat any small stuff. If it needed a few fluids flushed, belts changed, etc. so be it. The mechanic gave the van a clean bill of health, he checked all fluids, belts and hoses, the engine, suspension, and rear diff. Everything was fresh and ready for me to take my family on a weekend trip down to Mexico the next day. I felt very confident driving the van through the remote Sonoran desert between Phoenix and Hermosiilo even after only owning it for three days at that point. Since then, we've dubbed it, "The Crazy Morgan Van," and have enjoyed taking our friends out a few times. The interior is perfect, the lighting and video Sam installs in every van he sells work great and are amazing. Sam even installed a disco ball that plays to the music in the one I bought. It's been a huge hit with the kids and with our friends. I'm looking forward to a cross-country road trip this summer with my wife and kids, and I know I'm not going to be pestered at all by the, "Are we there yets?" Or the, "Stop touching me's." My wife thinks I'm a nut, but she loves riding in it, so much room! My high top conversion van from Sam gets 18 MPG on the highway a mere half mile less than the vehicle I traded in for it, a 2012 Toyota Tacoma. We now travel in grace and style and are the envy of every other family crammed in their minivans, SUV's or we cruise down the highway disco ball and all. Thank you Sam!
 From R. Morgan - Phoenix, AZ - Bought a a Used 2003 GMC PRESIDENTIAL with 93k Miles
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